Application of Ball Bearing Conversion :

  • The Process Ball Bearings conversion can be adopted for all makes of Volkman Spindles without compromising with any features of VTS Spindles.
  • The Mill needs to send their Damaged Spindle and the Protection Pot in any condition to ADHUNIK UDHYOG, Mumbai, for Ball Bearings conversion.
  • The Spindle in any condition which may not be in use can also be Reconditioned and made suitable to accept Ball - Bearings by replacing the damaged parts and put to Work.
  • The Spindle after Ball Bearings conversion can be loaded in the same way as existing Spindles and any kind of Yarns even abrasive yarn like Polyester, Acrylic, Rayon, Wool & also Cotton, Viscose etc. can be Twisted effectively for high Production.

Features & Benefits of Ball Bearing Conversion :

  • Locally available Ball Bearings like 6201 ZZ and 6000 ZZ are used as shown in the figure. There good saving in Purchase of these Bearings.
  • Frequent Greasing is avoided, resulting in lowering Lubricant cost & Down time.
  • Lowering noise level & heat generation.
  • Reduces the Power consumption.
  • Whenever needs replacement, locally available Ball Bearings can be used without compromising any feature of the existing Spindles.
  • MTD Holding system remains same as before.
  • The Ball Bearings conversion is also possible for Imported Volkman TFOT'S. Model VTS-06, VTS-07, VTS08 and VTS-09.
  • Protection Pot will be hold firmly with the Bearings After Ball Bearing Conversion.
  • The spindles after Ball Bearing conversion can be loaded in same way as before.
  • Any batch Quantity can be processed at a time.
  • Ball Bearings can be replaced by the Puller as shown in the Figure, whenever required.
  • All the components of the Spindles which are sent for the repair or Ball Bearings conversion are Ultra-Sonically cleaned and made free from Dirt, Dry grease or any particles adhered on the working surface, causing Hairiness to Yarn.
  • Quality Export Yarn with respect to lower TPI variation, better C.S.P. etc.